I had the best weekend ever.


Just a really quick post. I promise to go more into detail tomorrow once I have a chance to upload my photos. But this past weekend Jeremy and I went to SciFi Expo. It was wonderful and we got to meet some of our favorite actors. I did my Dale crosplay (Costuming as someone of the opposite sex) of from The Walking Dead and it was a huge success.

And this photo totally happened:

Michonne and Andrea, characters on The Walking Dead TV series on AMC.

Don't recognize these two ladies?
Then you're obviously not watching Season 3 of The Walking Dead:

Hope you're having an awesome day. I know I am. :3

<3 Stephanie


  1. That is awesome! Man I miss cons. Haven't been to one in nearly 3 years. :(

  2. Anonymous3:56 PM

    Ha!! This is amazing. What a fun photo. And, your costume is wicked!!

  3. Oh my geeeee. You three look EXACTLY like Dale, Michonne & Andrea.

    I recognized the photo and knew it

  4. ...wow that was gay, my computer took a fart.

    What I was saying wassss...

    I recognized the photo from Bloglovin and knew it was The Walking Dead before I even looked at the post.