WEEK IN REVIEW: Kisses, Cookies and Crawfish


I dressed up as Dale from The Walking Dead. My husband and I got to meet Avery Brooks (Captain Sisko from Deep Space 9) and I got kissed by two lovely ladies.

Tuesday was Mardi Gras and we celebrated with some homemade crawfish etouffee and cornbread. Also, a king cake. We still haven't found the baby yet.

Also this week we got to pick up our Girl Scout cookies. We bought 1 of every kind to help out our next door neighbor. She's pretty shy and this is only her second year as a scout. She even wrote us a thank-you note. It was sweet.

And of course, yesterday was Valentines day. Jeremy surprised me with a massive boquet of lillies delivered to my office. We went out for a nice dinner to the hotel where we met. And finished off the night seeing a late-night showing of Warm Bodies. It was a fantastic movie! If cheesy, dry humor is your thing. Then you'll love it. Jeremy has been using the phrase "Zom-Rom-Com".

I'm finally over my cold, so I'll be spending most of this weekend catching up on blog stuff. You've probably noticed I've been playing around with my layout a bunch, so don't be surprised if it keeps changing over the next few days.

Have a great weekend!
<3 Stephanie


  1. I am so jealous of your variety of girl scout cookies! Our girl guides only sell two types, and they're half a year apart. Boooooo.