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** please excuse me while I fangirl all over this post**

I am hopelessly addicted to the walking dead.

I've got the nick-name:
My local comic shop refers to me as 'The Walking Dead girl' and knows me by name. They will even put TWD titles and specials in my subscription box that I forgot to ask for, just in case I wanted them. It's a great feeling being considered one of their regulars and to be given a nickname. One that I definitely cherish. ;)

I'm up to date on the literature:
Speaking of comics, I'm currently up to date on all of them (#108 comes out next week). I've read both of the novels currently out and am glued to my television every Sunday night when the show comes on.

TWD Comic Compendium #1 (Comics #1- #48)
and the first two installments of The Governor novels.
Comics # 49 through #107.
- The Michonne Special.
- The Governor's Special.
- The Liberty Annual 2012 (Michonne special)
Multiple special edition reprints.
All #100 special covers (except the white cover variant)
- The Survivors Guides A to C & C to H
(They only published the two).

I read the Magazine and subscribe to r/TheWalkingDead on Reddit.
A large portion of my reddit karma may or may not come from this subreddit. ^___^

Articles like this one give great insight into how TWD universe comes to life.

I've made lots of costumes:
I have even cosplayed as a few of the characters. And built the infamous 1979 Chieftan Winnebago out of cardboard and love.

I've met some of the actors from the show:
And gotten their autographs. I eve got kissed by these two lovely ladies at Sci-Fi Expo last month. Laurie (Andrea) Holden's idea. She totally wants me. ;D

I felt like a million bucks. It was so hard to keep a straight face.
I was like WOAH! 

Original Artwork:
Jeremy and I are currently saving up to buy an original Charlie Adlard inking. They start at $200 and most of the ones we've found we like are in about the $400 range. We've got a hookup as one of his sellers is local. I should have enough saved up by April.

One of these drawings *points* by this man!  image c/o
Bear McCreary, composer for shows like Battlestar Galactica and Eureka, does the musical score for The Walkin Dead? YUP! Just one of the many reasons why TWD and Bear McCreary are both awesome.

Let me fangasm some more:
I'm so excited for the third installment of The Walking Dead novels. It's said that the final book in this trilogy will take place when Rick and The Governor encounter one another and will be told from The Governor's point of view. I'm so excited.

While it's been said that the canon of the books, comic and novel stray from one another, I really feel like the books tie in so well to the comics. Kirkman has even been released a throwback story to the Governor recently, similar to that the Michonne Special. First produced in the Liberty Annual, 'The Governor Special' is a great read for both the comic, as well as those who have read 'Road to Woodbury'.

I am The Walking Dead's ultimate fan. 

And I'm not entering the silly contest. I think that because there are so many fans out there, it would be hard to compare them to one another. Instead, I thought I would share my love for the show here on my blog. While it would be so fantastic to get to go to a red carpet premiere and meet everyone, I just don't feel that I need the stress of comparing myself to others in our geekdom. Why hate on one another? We are all lovers of Kirkman's zombie universe. Though, I wouldn't hesitate to chop of your lims or stab you in the head if you turned. Sorry friends, safety first.

- - - - - - - - - -

Are you a fan of The Walking Dead? If so, what are you into? Do you watch the show? Read the comics? How far have you gotten?

<3 Stephanie

** And please, if you're posting about any spoilers to someone who hasn't read or watched TWD,
kindly use the "[SPOILER] tag before your comment. :)


  1. Damn girl, that's quite the obsession! Nicely done.
    I've only watched the show so far myself, and was all of the current season behind until a couple days ago. Heh. I'd like to start on the books as well, but since I got into the show first I kinda just wanna wait til it's over before getting into the rest of TWD universe. Spoiler avoidance and all.

  2. Since you're watching the show, I'd definitely avoid the books and comics right now. Before there wasn't a whole lot of cross-over. But now that they are at the prison, it's a ton of fan-service for the fans of the comic series.

    Once this season is over, pick up Compendium one. That should catch you up to everything you've watched in the show. And set the mood for the novels. :)

  3. Awesome! I'm going to have to check out the comics and books after this season of the show. Right now we're not watching the show because we don't have cable, so we're waiting for a stockpile of episodes and having a marathon later. =]

  4. Erin, let me know when you're all caught up!! We can gossip about the show. :3

  5. Oh man, I was about to tell you to enter the contest when I saw that you were not. At least I knew first hand from seeing it air while the last episode was on that I thought ABOUT YOU!

    I love my Walking Dead fan! ;]

  6. Been reading it since the start! Before the trade copies! When you read it in like 2 mins and then had to wait forever for the next one!! Which, yes they stashed away for us too at the comic book store.

    Played the game? I have it on my iPad, so fun!