Lazy days and Thirfty finds


With the move being completely over, I have all this free time on my hands. It's wonderful and I feel like a heap-load of worries have been lifted off my shoulder.

Lazy days are the best days.
This past weekend was the real first weekend of no obligations. Last week I was on-call at my office and like fate should warrant, I was called in at the most inconvenient times.

Saturday was great. We went shopping at the big Half Price books in Dallas. Jeremy and I scored 5 read-along-books with their records still in tact. And listened to them all afternoon long.

My new obsession is collecting children's read-along records.
We had two of our friends come over  that night for a game night. It was so great. We broke out Zombicide and spent more than 6 hours playing. We had to bend the rules a little bit to prevent our demise, but everyone had fun so no worries. It's such a longgggg game, but so fun. The time went by so quickly.

Here's a random silly kitty photo to complete today's post.
Also this weekend, Jeremy and I made another run to Ikea and Michaels and picked up a ton of frames for the apartment. We are 99% done with putting everything up and away. Once we're finished, I'll post photos of our apartment. It's so wonderful and everyday I get full of excitement with how well our place has come together.

I hope you all had a fun weekend. Do anything fun?

<3 Stephanie


  1. :D Game night soon? I have a fantastic new dice game involving zombies. It's great to play while casually hanging out with cool people.

  2. @Adam, definitely!!!! We're always up for game nights, and zombies!!!!

  3. Anonymous11:18 PM

    Can I just say, best blog title ever! As soon as I read it, on a sponsor list, I thought "yay another geek like me!"

    And oh my gosh are those read along records the dog diggity! I love them! Really great thrifty finds!

  4. Anonymous11:27 PM

    Okay and now I just read your about page. Looove! I've recently gotten into board games because of Wil Wheaton's TableTop. Fluxx is our current favorite.

    I also read that you want to be in the 501st. My husband and I were in the 501st!! We were in the 501st NEG in Boston. He was a storm trooper and I a Jawa. It was a blast. There are pictures of us on their archives. :)

    I also saw you live in Dallas. We just moved from Arlington to Austin, so we're not far from you.

    I could really use your feedback actually, from one geek to another. I just recently opened an Etsy shop that is 100% geek. I could use some feed back like what other shows, comics, movies and such to cover. There are so many. I've tried to cover some basics like Star Trek, Game of Thrones and more. I have a huge list of more to add but I could certainly use some feedback if you get a moment.

    I'm a new follower now and I very much look forward to talking with someone who knows what I mean when I say I was in the 501st. :)

    Oh and I'm also a big sci-fi fan too, I read that you are in your about. My favorite movies are Aliens and Blade Runner. I'm currently writing a sci-fi novel too. :)

    Cheers to ya!!

  5. Aubrey, you're totally awesome!! I'll follow up to the above lovely comments with a super long email in the morning. <3

  6. Anonymous7:22 AM

    Well that's the coolest comment ever! I look forward to hearing from ya!