Sunbathing this past Saturday


I finally got around to uploading all the photos from my Nikon D50. After going through a few hundred photos, I've decided that my cats are obviously my favorite subject. As well as Jeremy being goofy.

I took them over the past weekend and they are definitely some of my favorites. It was such an amazing, lazy day. The first we've had in months. Linus is great about posing for pictures. He'll sit still for such a long time, allowing me to get dozens of photos. Minerva on the other hand... I'm lucky if I get even one photo with her sitting still.

There's a big tree filled with birds and squirrels next to our apartment.
He'll sit up here for hours.

He hates sharing his favorite spot with his little sister. But that doesn't stop her from taking over.

I had to run back and take this photo of them sunbathing. They looked so previous.

Look forward to plenty of amazing photos by yours truly. I've borrowed a super amazing Nikon macro lens from a coworker and am hoping to give it a test run this weekend.

Also, I'm going to see if Jeremy and I can stop by All-Con this weekend to get a few photos of some cosplayers.

I'm still an amateur photographer by far. But I'll take any learning oppurtunity I can get. :)

<3 Stephanie

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