Thrifty Finds: in Denison, TX


A couple of weeks ago I went to Denison, Texas on my day-off work. I went specifically to pick up a new mid-century-modern piece for our home. But with all the antique shops in the area, the temptation was too great.

Here were some of my finds:

Super adorable tray to a child's tea set.
I was so tempted to buy these, but left them behind.
vintage video games
more video games!!!
Picture books featuring some of my favorite movies!
Twink from Rainbow Bright! (I bought him for a whole $1)
and an old microscope set from the 1950s.

A lot of people ask me where I find my collectibles  It's easy, I find them where no one else is looking! Sure you can go on eBay or to specialty stores, but the best deals are at antique shops and flea markets. Often times the sellers have no idea what they have or how to display it. If you look really hard and walk through booths a couple of times, you'd be amazed what you can find.

This super amazing Star Wars drink ware set...
... was hidden in this crazy booth!
This overgrown mess inside a display case
Was hiding this gem!! I didn't even it until my 4th time past it.
The whole trip was to grab this bad boy. It's holding all of my vintage drink ware and teacups.

My score for the trip:

  • Doctor Zhivago Soundtrack record. $1
  • Tchaikovsky 1812 record $1
  • Twink plush toy $1
  • owl teacup $1.75
  • retro plastic butter dish $3
  • 2 Tie-Dye '45 record holders $5 each
  • C3PO and R2 Science Book from 1979
  • Doctor Who 'Matt Smith Era' TARDIS toy and trading card holder with magazine and cards
  • Mid-Century-Modern display

Looks can be deceiving sometimes  Just because a place might look like it caters to one crowd, doesn't necessarily mean that's true! From the outside, these antique stores looked like they catered to 90-year-old women. But upon exploring, I found myself losing hours inside them.

On a similar note, the husband and I went out on a spontaneous date-night yesterday and scored some amazing finds at Half Price Books. I can't wait to share what I've found!

Find anything amazing lately?

- Stephanie


  1. Great stuff!! I am so addicted to thrift stores and antique shops. I'll have to make a trip to Denison soon.

  2. Anonymous10:10 AM

    What a good eye you have. I live hours away from the closest antique shop, so when I do get the opportunity to go, I take my sweet ass time and just enjoy the sights and smells. I try not to bring TOO many things home, though, because I don't intend to stay in Jasper forever.. and I don't want to pack up boxes and boxes of things when I do leave. (I like to plan in advance!)

  3. awesome finds! I'm going on a road trip this summer (moving from California to North Carolina!) and will be sure to hit up thrift stores in towns I pass by. :) Can't wait!

  4. i bet your cups are looking so good in there! i love that mario trivia set— it looks like you had such a great time!

    this weekend i found some beautiful vintage canisters and a new stool for my studio!

  5. I would not have been able to resist those Mario quiz cards! Or the Star Wars glasses. I got some cool thrift store finds today.