What I've been drawing #5


It seems like I haven't posted any doodles in a while. I don't have much free time to draw these days, but occasionally I'll get a small spat of creative drive and sketch something out.

LEFT: took me about 2 hours from start to finish. See it full-size here.
RIGHT:  a quick doodle of my current Gaia character.

I'm afraid to somewhat ashamed to admit that I frequent Gaia Online. It's a great place for me to log-in, pick someone random to instantly draw, visit with them on chat and then be done. When I draw for Gaia, I usually host on Livestream. It's so great to meet people from around the world. One time while on Livestream I met someone who lived a few minutes away! Crazy.

My Doctor Who / Pokemon cross-over masterpiece!! Tom Baker as Sylveon and K-9 as a Porygon.
This is a current work-in-progress that I can't quite find the time to finish. It's a gift for someone on Reddit and unfortunately I've spent the last month on it. I unintentionally put a lot of pressure on myself for this one because I plan to put it up for sale as my first piece on Society6. Oh lord, help me find the strength.

<3 Stephanie

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