And then she chopped off her hair


before //// after
I probably should've mentioned, but the purple didn't last long. My hair just seems to be the type that doesn't want to hold color. I had burgundy dyed over it a month ago and even that faded out extremely quickly. So I went back to the salon last night and had them do what I've been dreaming of for a very long time... chopped off my long hair!

I had short hair for the longest time in High School and college. It wasn't until the last few years that it's been long. But I never really felt happy with it. It was either up or it was down. A pony tail or a bun. And ever since I cut it off, I feel like my old self again. Short hair really suits my personality.


<3 Stephanie


  1. Love it! I'm in the same boat -- I feel much more confident and comfortable in short hair. :)

  2. Cute! I think the bangs really suit you.

    I've been growing my hair out because I HATE it. It's a bit shorter than your new cut still. It's not long enough to pull back and it's always in my face. Mine looks awful unless I straighten or curl it, and it's like a giant mop on my head (super thick and wavy). I'm planning on growing it out until the end of July and then it SHOULD be long enough to pull back. If I still hate it when I can pull it back, I'm going pixie again. Except the upkeep on a pixie is more than I want to handle. =\

  3. Super cute! The bangs look adorable on you :-) Oh and for what it's worth, purple seems to be the color that lasts like two seconds on 99% of people. I added a bunch of purple to my pink bangs and no one ever had a clue, unless they saw it in the first four hours.

  4. i love it so much! i know exactly what you mean when you say short hair suits your personality— i usually have a pixie cut or a super blunt vintage bob but i've decided to grow it out for now. although some days i love it, i generally don't recognize the lady in the mirror lately! i know i'll cave one day and then its short for good— and i honestly can't wait until that day ;-)