Bento: Super Mario Invincibility Star


Last night on a whim I decided that I wanted to turn today's lunch into a bento.

If I eat this that means I'm invincible, right?

  • teriyaki-style chicken.
  • long grain white rice.
  • sliced almonds and seaweed for the eyes
  • Carrots & Edamame for the veggies.

We didn;t have any teriyaki sauce so we made our own sauce using 'Grade A' maple syrup, low-sodium soy sauce and some sweet chili paste. It tastes soooo delicious. I don't think we'll every buy teriyaki sauce again!

I shaped the rice with a star shaped silicone baking mold. If you want to color the rice yellow for a more authentic Mario feel, try a yellow curry or tarragon powdered spice. I usually keep a jar of the expired stuff around (less flavor) but decided to skip this step to save on time and cleanup.

I picked this up at a dollar store a few years ago.

I feel so inspired to make bentos again. I suppose that means I'll have to go grocery shopping again soon. Most of the foods we've been keeping in the house lately parish too quickly for a bento-style lunch.

Alas, firstworldproblems. <3


  1. Anonymous10:42 AM

    I love that you play with your food!!! This is the best.

  2. That is awesome! I barely have the patience to cook food at all, let alone make it look nice, so kudos to you on that one! Haha.

  3. YUM! My favorite way to make homemade teriyaki is honey & soy sauce. It's super tasty on salmon!

  4. @Kat I'll definitely have to try that!