Cosplay: Professor Oak


YUP!! Jeremy's first-ever anime/video game cosplay is going to be Professor Oak from Pokemon.

I'm so excited for this summer. We've got just one more road trip to make next weekend and then we're done for a while. And though we're missing out on some cons while we save some money, I'll be starting work on Jeremy's first ever Cosplay. Sure, he's had his fair share of Star Trek costumes. But he's finally taking a leap over to the anime-side and I'm definitely excited!!

This is the mock-up for his costume. We're going to get a lab coat off Amazon and the top and pants from JCPENNEY. Jeremy wanted to walk around carrying starter pokemon, so we'll get a metal serving tray. Glue green paper on top and attach three plastic pokeball toys to it. Each will be labeled with the starter symbols.
We did a makeup test run to see about coloring his eyebrows darker. Some basic brown eyeshadow made his almost invisible eyebrows look much darker like Pro. Oak's. Our hope is to debut this at AnimeFest in Dallas in September. Depending on time and resources, we'll make me an accompanying costume. So far the top choices are of Ash's mother and Mr. Mime.

<3 Stephanie


  1. Personally, I'm pretty excited for this...

  2. Bahahaha best re-hash of the Fry meme ever. XD Stoked for the end result!