Why it's awesome to be a nerd


Ready for the most amazing words to come from Wil Wheaton's mouth? In a message to a lady's newborn daughter, Wil explains why being a nerd is awesome.

"I think a lot of us have realized that being a nerd... it's not about what you love but how you love it" - Wil Wheaton.

 Reasons why I find it awesome to be a nerd
1. // I'm never bored!! My house is filled with toys, computers, video games and board games. I bake nerdy inspired things. I'm a total bento nerd. I'm even a tea nerd! I'm a nerd everything. Nope, never bored. Who has time to be bored?

2. //  You can always be yourself, or Batman.  Translation? Sometimes it's fun to dress up as someone else, especially someone you love from a movie/show/comic. I do this often. And love the compliments I get from fellow fans at conventions and parties. It's why I do it.

3. // - To meet other nerds! It's fun being super into something, but like I stated above it's even more awesome to find others who enjoy it too. I think this is my favorite aspect of being a nerd.

4. // Because there is always more to learn! Fandoms keep the things we love going. Things evolve and change and develop. Firefly is still extremely popular, despite it's premature cancellation. Pokemon is still creating new games and shows 13 years after it's initial release. Spiderman and other comic heroes have had countless reincarnations. Magic-The-Gathering has made yet another come-back. Vinyl records are big again. I've got my POGs ready for when those make a comeback.

5. //  Because It's how I've met all of you.

What are some reasons you find being a nerd is awesome?

What are some things you nerd out over? Books? Sci-fi? Blogging? Tell me in the comments below.

<3 Stephanie


  1. Oh Wil Wheaton, you so awesome. Being a nerd is the greatest! The community helps bring together all us awkward basement-dwellers, with the growing number of conventions making us feel less like lonely freaks.

    And I'm so glad that there's less and less of a ridicule to those of us she-nerds. Though it's still horrendous towards most female cosplayers, that's just because of society's view on women altogether. Hopefully that won't be a thing when that little girl becomes one of us. :)

  2. one of us one of us.

    I love being a nerd, and your #1 is my #1 reason as well. Between books, comics, games, and science I never get bored!

    I also agree with Luka in that the community, for all it's flaws, is awesome and I have many friends around the world as a result! (such as yourself!)

  3. Oh, Wil Wheaton. <3

    Oh, nerdy friends. <3<3<3<3

    I love being a nerd because it's finally made me feel like I belong, like I'm welcome. Like I'm part of something. Like I am surrounded by people who won't judge me because I'm not cool enough, not pretty enough, not successful enough, not punk rock enough. I can sit in a room with my nerdy friends and nerd out about nerdy things like Star Trek, like Steven Segal movies, like baseball, and even if we don't love the same things, we all know how we feel when we're talking about those things we love... and it is welcome and wonderful. I'm totally weird, but so are all of my friends, and I think my friends are cool. So I must be cool too. We're our own brand of geeky cool and it is the best thing ever.

    Wil hit the nail on the head. Thank you so much for sharing this. :)