GEEKTASTIC: Game of Thrones


 Ok, so I'm a little late to this party. Jeremy and I didn't start watching Game of Thrones until 3 weeks ago and WOW! I am totally obsessed. With last nights "WOAH, DID THAT JUST HAPPEN?" episode and this weekend's upcoming season finale, I thought I'd share some of my recent GoT inspired favorites.

1.// Geometric Wolf Broch by SketchInc
2.// A Map of Fire and Ice by Kitkat Pecson
3.// "Maybe he'll give me yours" Sansa print by Alice X. Zhang
4.// 'Winter is Coming' tee at
5.// GoT characters in 80s & 90s attire. by Mike Wrobel. Check out his full series.
6.// Game of Thrones beer! Real beer!
7.// This fantastic Daenerys Targaryen cosplay.
And of course, some images for laughs:

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Are you watching Game of Thrones?

What are your thoughts on the show so far?

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information on the book or show that might spoil it for other readers.
<3 Stephanie


  1. Oh man. I haven't read the books yet, so when the part with all the stuff happened... Totally did not see that coming! I kept alternating between hands-over-mouth-in-shock and pointing at my laptop and shouting HAH! They sure managed to pack a lot of carnage in such a short time. :P

    Have you seen any of the reaction videos? So many screaming and crying sissy girls. XD

  2. You got caught up with very good timing.

  3. Anonymous7:15 PM

    Looooove this post! Game of Thrones is one of my favorite shows! Happy to hear you are all caught up and loving it.

  4. YESS! I love love love game of thrones :p My boyfriend wants to be Khal Drogo. Jup.

  5. @DORIEN if he does the cosplay, I so want to see pics!