GEEKTASTIC: Game of Thrones


 Ok, so I'm a little late to this party. Jeremy and I didn't start watching Game of Thrones until 3 weeks ago and WOW! I am totally obsessed. With last nights "WOAH, DID THAT JUST HAPPEN?" episode and this weekend's upcoming season finale, I thought I'd share some of my recent GoT inspired favorites.

1.// Geometric Wolf Broch by SketchInc
2.// A Map of Fire and Ice by Kitkat Pecson
3.// "Maybe he'll give me yours" Sansa print by Alice X. Zhang
4.// 'Winter is Coming' tee at
5.// GoT characters in 80s & 90s attire. by Mike Wrobel. Check out his full series.
6.// Game of Thrones beer! Real beer!
7.// This fantastic Daenerys Targaryen cosplay.
And of course, some images for laughs:

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Are you watching Game of Thrones?

What are your thoughts on the show so far?

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information on the book or show that might spoil it for other readers.
<3 Stephanie


  1. Oh man. I haven't read the books yet, so when the part with all the stuff happened... Totally did not see that coming! I kept alternating between hands-over-mouth-in-shock and pointing at my laptop and shouting HAH! They sure managed to pack a lot of carnage in such a short time. :P

    Have you seen any of the reaction videos? So many screaming and crying sissy girls. XD

  2. You got caught up with very good timing.

  3. Looooove this post! Game of Thrones is one of my favorite shows! Happy to hear you are all caught up and loving it.

  4. YESS! I love love love game of thrones :p My boyfriend wants to be Khal Drogo. Jup.

  5. @DORIEN if he does the cosplay, I so want to see pics!