We're participating in Extra Life this weekend


Hello everyone, and Happy Halloween!

Jeremy and I have been super busy this last week preparing for today’s costume contest at work (MMM SPANDEX!) and for a very exciting event this weekend. Our gaming group will be participating in the 25 hour LAN event, Extra Life, in which we’ll be playing games non-stop for 25 hours to raise money for charity.


We’ll be streaming our games online via TwitchTV and I’ll be sure to post all that info. If you’re interested in joining in on the fun, hanging out with us on chat or watching how obnoxious we can really be (I’m not kidding, we’re pretty cray) then I strongly suggest you keep up with my twitter account. I’ll also be updating this blog Saturday morning with all our streaming information, and more information on how you can help by donating to the cause.

Happy Haunting!

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