This Week 11/15



10 Year Walking Dead Anniversary special editions & the Tyreese special. I already owned the free comic book day version of the Tyreese special, but when you collect comics  - every issue counts!
 Speaking of comics, I am absolutely IN LOVE with Saga. I want to do so many cosplays from this comic.
 Jer and I love to add our own toppings to pizza.  Our most recent favorite has been to add sweet peppers,  cherry tomatoes and Sriracha!
Admiring our world record certificate. We just signed up for our third consecutive year (and record breaking attempt). Here's to having three of these soon!.
A super cuddly giant Totoro plush I recently bought from a store in the Korean market.
 Linus investigating my grocery haul from the week. I am absolutely obsessed with this brand of milk tea and drink it pretty much every day. I'll write a future blog post on this stuff soon.

*:・゚✧*:・゚✧ *:・゚✧*:・゚✧

We saw Thor 2 this week and loved it. If you haven't seen it already, I highly recommend it.

We raised $915 during our 25-hour gaming marathon last weekend. $85 shy of our $1000 goal, but impressive nonetheless. I lead the team with the 2nd highest amount raised, at just over $200! We had a great time and I can't wait to share pics!

As some of you have noticed, I'm back to blogging and I've gotten a new layout. I'll be sending a few emails out soon about adding some button swaps to my sidebar. Send me an email if you're interested!

I've got plenty more stories to tell and photos to share. Stay tuned and have a great weekend!


  1. Looks like a fun week! Love your new layout! Give me a yell if you want to swap buttons.

    That secret santa sounds fun... gonna have to look into it!

  2. I signed up for Reddit's Secret Santa for the first time this year! So excited! Also, I've heard a million good things about Saga... I really should make a trip to my LCS and just make it happen. Winter is the time to nestle in, get cozy, and read ALL the things, right?

    Obviously I want in on this button-swap business. ;)

  3. People are "breaking up" with the walking dead.

    How do you feel it's going?
    I've heard from my son and several friends that read it religiously that it has gone south.
    Just wanted your two cents.

  4. I signed up for the reddit swap this year, too! I didn't know that it came with certificates! How exciting.