National Coffee Day + Star Wars


Looks like I'm celebrating National Coffee day a bit late. My sleep schedule has been completely off-kilter these last few weeks. After cooking pizza at 4 AM this morning on a whim, I figured this was a coffee well deserved.

I recently gave in and bought some of the Star Wars branded products that I've been seeing at the grocery store. And I'm pretty sure this R2-D2 creamer is a perfect match for my mug. I'm not too keen on the taste. In my opnion, Bailey's is still the best coffee creamer. But the novelty has been making my mornings a littler brighter.

I hadn't noticed until after finishing my cup this morning, but there are X-Wings flying out of the barcodes. Ugh, too freaking cute!

Is anyone else waiting impatiently for The Force Awakens to open in theaters this December? Did you celebrate National Coffee day or forget about it like I did?

- Stephanie

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