It's Banned Books Week


September 27th - October 3rd is Banned Books Week!

What I love about Banned Books week is that it shows readers out there what books are controversial. Often these are stories that pushed the envelope and put us out of of comfort zone to learn from something harsh or vulgar. And unfortunately even in 2015, people are finding offense in the silliest of places.

One of my favorite books that's made it onto the banned list is Maus. It's a Graphic Novel that tells the real story the author's father who survived the Holocaust. It's the first comic to have ever won the Pulitzer Prize. It's wonderfully written and the illustrations are so beautiful. While I respect and consider the Diary of Anne Frank to be a staple in literature, Maus is one of the most important books you can read regarding the Holocaust.

The main reason the Maus is banned is the covers & artwork. This year Russia caused a big uproar for banned the book based solely on the covers. I own both books & the complete collection hardcover.

I'm going to be rereading Lord of the Flies in honor of banned books week. What are some of your favorite banned books?

- Stephanie

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