Moving at Warp Speed


Happy December everyone. I'm looking forward to the start of 2016 more than ever. These last 14 months have been really hard for me. I wanted to shed some light on the fact that I've been struggling really hard with anxiety and depression this year. And in September I finally did something about it.

Entering the final years of my 20s I've had a quarter-life-crisis of sorts. I've hit a fork in the road of my career path, suffered some unimaginably bad luck with our house. Followed by my computer dying last month. The list just kept getting larger and I took a much needed break from everything. I left my job and devoted all of my time to focus on myself. I realized that the path I started on a few years ago was just not fulfilling that urge I had to create.

Taking time off has helped to put things in perspective for me. I'm changing careers to do something technically creative. While at my last job, I often got to support our developers doing minor front-end programming support. As well as work with Adobe Creative suite daily (a software I'm not stranger to). It was in this position that I realized I was denying myself the things that I'm best at. And all because Supply Chain, Project Management and Customer Support sounded great on paper. But they just aren't who I AM.

I've be spending the last few months looking for work, but only mildly while I continue to develop my skills and passion. I've been taking some basic programming classes to expand my knowledge. And busting out some older software skills I've let get rusty. I still don't know what I want to be when I grow up. And that's fine.

For now, I'm content on letting my colors shine through. While I continue moving at Warp Speed. <3

Have a wonderful day.

(Warp Dr. photo taken during my trip to Virginia this summer)

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