The Artemis visits NASA



The biggest thing my husband is passionate about is Star Trek. He lives, eats and breathes it. However, it was something that he didn't get to explore as much as his other hobbies. He played beer league hockey and attended video game LANs for over 20 years. After we got together, he found himself going the full-mile with his ridiculous love of Star Trek. It was something I encouraged, so he stopped holding back,

Fast forward a year into our relationship and he's got a few costumes and an ever increasing amount of collectables. He's been in a few fan groups and after our wedding, took it upon himself to start his own within our circle of friends. The U.S.S. Artemis, named after the game Artemis Bridge Simulator, is a part of the fan organization Starfleet International.We occasionally get the chance to meet up with other chapters.

Every few years Starfleet's Texas and Louisiana chapters meet in Houston for a weekend event. This year a handful of us made the 4-hour drive from Dallas to engage in our usual shenanigans.










Being a geek in Texas, I've traveled to NASA every few years. The most exciting thing about this year's trip was seeing all the new things that they've added.

Houston's mission control is getting a big uplift for in preparation for all the Mars missions that are underway. We got to see all the wonderful thigns that Space-X and Orbital are keeping in Houston. And of course - the amazing Orion capsule.

Traveling Worf: Visits NASA Johnson Space Center

If you've never been to NASA but have the chance to go, I highly recommend it! Do the tours. Take in the science and history. Play in the kids areas. Do everything. I promise you won't regret it.

You can check out my Flickr to see more amazing photos of our trip to NASA.

- Stephanie

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