The League of Thrones: GoT Fantasy League


a fantasy football style league, but with Game of Thrones characters.

This last weekend we had a a really wonderful game of thrones celebration with friends to watch the Premiere of Season 6. To make everything more interesting, a friend of ours suggested we join a Fantasy League involving the characters from Game of Thrones.

**WARNING: Season 6 Spoilers ahead ** 



is a fan-made website devoted to running a Game of Thrones fantasy league. It's super easy to setup and fun to pick your players. Every named character is draftable! You score points throughout the season for the following things your selected characters do:

  • Killings
  • Insults Delivered / Funny Lines
  • Acts of Intercourse
  • Glasses of Wine Consumned
  • Political Wins
  • Death
  • Special Abilities

I named my team "Bran's Downplayed Puberty" to poke fun at the fact that this kid has aged so much. Taking a season off didn't help him much. Is he as tall as Hodor now?

My team had a strong start. Doran Martell walked in the first episode and then was killed. This won me a whopping 109 POINTS!!!! The next highest scorer on our team has 36 to put it into perspective. It's really fun and has kept me more engaged with the characters. Every time Brienne of Tarth went to kill someone I was super excited! And of course, saddened one of my characters was a no-show.

It'll be exciting to see how the rest of the season pans out. I sure hope this lead holds true for the rest of the season. With many battles and coups coming up, I'm sure it'll be an exciting adventure.

This scene awarded points to both characters!

You can start your own Fantasy Game of Thrones league on Fantasora's website. It's not too late!


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