Edinburgh Pt.2 - The National Gallery & Edinburgh Castle


One of the coolest random things we did during our stay was to visit to Edinburgh was seeing the National Museum in Scotland. It's a beautiful place and like most museums in the UK completely free to enter. We spent roughly 1.5 hours here but had we the time we could've easily spent the entire day. The National Museum is equal parts Art, Science & History. Some of the coolest things we saw while here was Dolly, the cloned sheep (taxidermied and on display) and a piece from CERN's LEP Collider. There was so much to see the the care and expertiece put into each and every exhibit was well worth the visit.

Edinburgh CastleWe were kicked out of the museum at close, which was just before sunset. My husband and I decided that if we could hurry, we should view the sunset from atop Edinburgh Castle. During our three days in the city, the castle took our attention time and time again. We have dozens of photos from it at every angle and so seeing it up close was something we really wanted to do. We didn't get to go inside unfortunately. But it didn't matter. It was just as beautiful up close as it was from down below in the city.

If you have the time, there's a lot of great shops and sight seeing along the road leading up to the castle called 'The Royal Mile'. We opted to instead take a lot of steep steps (against the wishes of our out-of-shape bodies) to save time. We were after all, trying to beat the sunset.

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- Stephanie

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