Are you a fellow board game geek? Interested in what we love to play and/or what we have at our house? Or maybe you're looking for recommendations? Check out my collection below.

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  1. Lords of Waterdeep
  2. Shadow Hunters
  3. Zombies!!!!!
  4. Spartacus
  5. Love Letter

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Where to buy board games:
Check with your local comic book and game retailer! You can also check Amazon. Target and Toys R' Us also have a pretty nice selection of some of the basics.

Pros to buying local: 
Sometimes I can find games for a lot cheaper at my local shop than what I see online. I always know the price online before I buy in store.

Pros to buying online:
When items are on sale, they save you money. I like to use my Amazon gift cards towards board games. Amazon Prime has been a huge help at curbing shipping costs and delivery time.

Cons to buying online
Shipping costs and the wait to receive the item.

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I'm just getting into board games. What are some essentials I should own?
Munchkin, Settlers of Catan and Ticket to Ride. These three are basics that are a good way to learn what you like without having to commit to any one game style. All of these games have themed versions and expansions worth looking into.

I keep hearing you refer to "Muggle Games." What are those?
Jeremy and I refer to basic board games as 'muggle game's. Games like Cranium, Scrabble, Uno, Monopoly and Taboo all fall under this category. The term came about when we would have friends and family over and were intimidated by our regular selection. When they asked for something a little more basic, we dubbed those muggle games. 

What do you use for level counters in Munchkin?
There are many types of items you can purchase, as well as a phone app. But I personally like to use D10 dice.

Where did you get Star Trek Catan?
This game is a Target exclusive. Buy it in-store or online. If you buy it from any other retailer, you will pay extra.

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